Real Blockchain Solutions. Today.

The BlockchainSoft consultancy provides real-life solutions for our clients utilizing the best technology for the task. Our approach is uber simple. We create proof of concepts via the creation of minimal viable products (MVP).  Then once the technology is proven we move on to full implementation with technology partners.  Whether it is Smart Contract deployments on Ethereum, private distributed ledger (DLT) systems like HyperLedger, Multichain, or even Bitcoin.  We can do it.  Below is a sampling of our MVPs.  Have questions about the Blockchain for your business?  Call or contact us today.


Follow Your Food.

Tracking food production utilizing the Ether1 blockchain providing complete transparency and accountability for FDA compliance.  


Ethereum based Opensource Blockchain integrated with the IPFS for advanced hosting and smart-contract solutions.

Ether-1 is our development platform, not an MVP.  Learn More about Ether-1.


Digital Notary solution powered by the BitcoinCash network, allowing ownership, authentication and date-stamping of any file in seconds.


Integrated Ethereum Blockchain Transactions with SAP Enterprise Software for FDA compliance.


Cryptocurrency based on the Monerao blockchain code for secure and private transactions.


Real Estate Asset Blockchain Tokenization ala “Out of the Box Digital LLC”.

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